Vicinay Cemvisa

Vicinay Cemvisa is, from the moment of its foundation, deeply rooted in the environment company, which hopes to create wealth and prosperity for those who work and collaborate with our business.

The continued commitment to the welfare of workers makings of growth and expansion of the company, makes Vicinay Cemvisa is currently recognized both in the country and outside our borders, as a leading company in the sector.

Innovation, traction motor business edge makes develop applications and equipment used in the most technologically advanced sectors (wind, offshore, naval, aeronautical, etc).

Mission and Values

Vicinay Cemvisa is, since its founding, a company deeply rooted in its environment, in which it aims to create wealth and prosperity for all those who work and collaborate with its activity.

Vicinay’s continuous commitment to the well-being of its workers, true promoters of the company’s growth and expansion, has resulted in Vicinay being recognized today, both at home and abroad, as a benchmark company in its field.

Innovation, the driving force of the company’s forefront, makes us develop applications and equipment used in the most technologically advanced sectors (wind, off-shore, naval, aeronautical, etc.).

Vicinay Cemvisa promotes the continuous search for excellence, meticulous work, the desire to improve and understanding that our activity does not make sense if we do not succeed in having satisfied clients who have obtained the maximum that the company can offer them.

Quality and Environmental Policy



CEMVISA VICINAY, S.A. in order to advance and achieve a high level of quality in all its activities, has defined its policy with the following principles:

  1. Ensure compliance with applicable quality and environmental legislation and regulations.
  2. Promote the participation and responsibility of all workers in the functioning of the Management System and in the development of this Policy.
  3. To establish the necessary measures to avoid and eliminate the factors that negatively affect the Quality of the activities and the environment.
  4. Focus the activity towards the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders and use customer satisfaction as a measurable indicator of Improvement.
  5. Require products and services suppliers to comply with the provisions established by CEMVISA VICINAY in this policy.

The Management of Cemvisa Vicinay, S.A. is committed to developing a culture that, based on continuous improvement and risk analysis, favours the implementation of the Management System and ensures that all the Company’s activities are sustainable over time and socially responsible. Always trying to make it appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization.

Given that, in order to achieve these objectives, the involvement of all the people who form part of the Company is essential, the Management will provide, as far as possible, the necessary training, resources and support. It shall also ensure that those responsible are able to exercise their functions independently and objectively.

Rev. 2 Date 09/02/23


Vicinay Cemvisa: Company associated with AEM – FEM

R & D - Research and Development


Vicinay Cemvisa is at the forefront of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R + D + i) and keeps a maximum commitment to quality, efficient service to customers and the constant training of its professionals.

Our creative and pioneering spirit ensures continuous and systematic innovation.

Close contact with our customers has also greatly facilitated the development of our innovation processes, as we channel their suggestions and contributions towards improvements in our products.


We contemplate initiatives in the areas of technological development and innovation within a competitive improvement plan of the organization. In this competitiveness improvement plan we have worked with people within the organization, making them share in it. This participation has made it possible to create a new business culture that allows us to identify activities and processes for improvement.


All persons Vicinay Cemvisa are sensitive to future challenges, which plays an important role in innovation and differentiation understand that passes one step ahead of our competition. These activities have one purpose, to make our customers find in our organization a way to innovate, by asking them improve their own production processes and gain a position of advantage over their competition.

Vicinay Cemvisa is leading CABLE CRANE project within the plan COLLABORATION CHALLENGES-2015 Read more

Relationship with our customers

The main commitment of our organization is to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Being manufacturers allows us to customize the standard product, adapting it to the specific needs of each case. With great agility in design, and constant communication with our customers, we get the final product fully meets your expectations.

With our efficient customer service, while achieving their full satisfaction, we collect information and suggestions that we incorporated into our system of continuous improvement.

“The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to our company, we work and strive every day to give them the solutions they need”

Environmental policy

Vicinay Cemvisa in order to move forward and reach a high level of environmental protection around him, has defined its Environmental Policy with the following principles:

1. Ensure compliance with the law, applicable regulations and other requirements to which the company subscribes.

2. To promote the participation and responsibility of all employees in the operation of the Environmental Management System and the development of this Policy.

3. Establish measures to prevent pollution by developing a policy Pollution Prevention applying it to each and every one of its projects and / or services.

The Directorate of Cemvisa Vicinay, S.A. is committed to developing a culture based on continuous improvement, encourages the implementation of Environmental Management System and get it all company activities are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

As for achieving these objectives is essential to involve all the people who are part of the Company, the Directorate will provide, where possible, training, resources and support deemed necessary. Also, ensure that those responsible can exercise their functions independently and objectively.


CEMVISA VICINAY, S.A. participates in the HEPHAESTUS project, sponsored by the European Union through the HORIZON 2020 programme (The European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation).

Hephaestus approaches new concepts to introduce robotics and autonomous use systems in the construction sector where, at the moment, the presence of this type of products is limited.
Hephaestus is focused on providing innovative solutions to one of the most important parts of the construction sector, which is the part related to facades and curtain walls and the works that are needed when this part of a building is constructed or needs to be maintained.

Hephaestus proposes a new automated way to install these products, providing a complete final solution not only highly industrialized for production but also in installation and maintenance.

The project has been conceived as a solution to carry out multiple tasks in vertical or inclined planes of the built environment and outdoors. It is mainly based on a cable driven robot. Hephaestus integrates several technologies and, in addition to the robot itself, there is a modular kit. This end-effector modular kit is capable of supporting several tools. On the one hand, it can hold the necessary tools for the task to be executed, which can be different depending on the application. On the other hand, it also hosts all the accessory devices that are necessary for the detection and control of the system.



The solution would be able to perform several tasks within the construction environment, for example, analysis of the structure of a building to obtain precise plans of its final state and connection to the BIM model of the construction, installation of prefabricated panels, painting, cleaning of a curtain wall in a building, replacement of damaged elements, repair of cracks, maintenance of possible solar cells and so on.

Hephaestus aims to automate the process of installation or execution on site to enhance and strengthen the construction sector in Europe and for the placement of the European robotics industry as a leader and reference in the huge and growing new market for robotics.

Due to our experience with lifting equipment, our main task in the project is the simulation and prototyping of the components of the cable robot, mainly the winches that make up the robot, but also in the platform or modular kit.