Services Vicinay Cemvisa

Needs Assessment

In order to meet our customers special requirements such as the need for specific operations or special characteristics of a load we have to deal with, we are often required to operate under particular conditions and to find complex and specific technical solutions.

When this happens our experienced technical and sales teams identify and advise on the most appropriate and safest solution. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best services at all times.

These are the simple steps our company follows in order to find the best solution in both lifting and handling requirements:

  • Our marketing experts identify customers real needs.
  • Requirement analysis.
  • Technical study.
  • Technical and financial proposal.

Engineering and design

Our Engineering Department constantly incorporates state of the art technology to offer a complete range of advanced solutions. We occasionally perform simulation tests to improve our profitability ratios.

Thanks to technology, our Engineering Department can perform fatigue tests by which we can anticipate potential problems and avoid them.


Once the diagnostic and solution design stages are completed and after having accepted the financial proposal, we manufacture our products according to current international standards, with first class certified materials and with highly qualified and officially approved for manufacturing processes staff.

  • Quality controls at all the stages of the manufacturing process.
  • Finished product testing.
  • Traceability procedures.


In turnkey sales we assemble the equipment at our customers facilities.

  • Assembly and start up service.
  • Wear-fatigue tests.
  • Training in use, management and keeping.

After Sales service

Vicinay Cemvisa is equipped with an excellent Technical Assistance Service authorized to undertaking after-sales maintenance.

  • Spare parts management.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Equipment adaptation to comply with current applicable regulations.
  • Repair.

SAT Technical Assistance Service

Furgon en fca JundizSAT
Vicinay Cemvisa has a Customer Service and Maintenance able to provide solutions to any incidents occur in the use of cranes and hoists.

100 years of experience, together with the large number of computers installed lifting enable maintenance technicians Vicinay Cemvisa have the necessary training to solve all kinds of faults, whether they breakage or the normal wear equipment.

Vicinay Cemvisa has different types of maintenance contract tailored to the needs of each client.

Vicinay Cemvisa ensures compliance with the terms of intervention. So we’ve conveniently sized department, and we have provided human and technical resources that make the service Vicinay amenities is recognized as one of the main values ​​of the company.

In Vicinay Cemvisa we are open to new suggestions based on special needs. For this we have a Technical Department studies providing logistics, programming and methodology most appropriate to each case intervention.

In Vicinay Cemvisa attach particular importance to preventive maintenance is performed in periods stop, either on holiday or for scheduled stops. The best maintenance is one that anticipates breaks, previéndolas and minimizing the damage they can potentially cause by poor maintenance.